Specialized Stumpjumper

Longevity of this product is sometimes affected by our maintenance practices or lack thereof; nonetheless, any product you decide to purchase must be strong enough to withstand regular usage. Log in or registerRegister your for news and special offersFind us on mapCustomer ServiceFilterof £££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££££Save ££Save ££££££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save £of the first to find out about great new products and promotionsUpdated from, the range includes a shortsleeved jersey, longsleeved jersey, bib shorts, cotton cap, socks, gloves and arm warmers, as well as a shortsleeved kids jersey for the budding. Products stand out for hightech materials, super racecut and a reasonableconvinced priceperformance relationship. Watched the industry spin away from the simple pleasures of riding a bike toward a techmongering gear obsession.

You like to clip in, you will need the necessary shoes to do so. Our guides include links to web s where you can buy the featured products. Craft windprotective and waterrepellent jacket with elastic mesh panels at sweat zones for extra ventilationCraft lightweight and cooling tee with full mesh back for superior ventilation. Also a huge range of parts to support all brands too. Bike helmets are worn by crash dummy heads mounted on a testing rig, from where they are launched towards different areas of the hood of a static car, at different speeds and angles for various measurements. A spandex short that prevents chafe and supports leg muscles.

Stock a range of cycling jerseys for men, women and kids. With the extra size of the though you do have some advantages, with greater luggage capacity and longer range being the two most notable. The suspension is naturally fluid and supple to maximise grip rather than grunt performance, both the fork and the rear shock can be stiffened up via a twist grip remote. Use it for cycling and for crosscountry hiking in snowy terrain. After riding some of its competition the and didn’t gel. Range tops out at around miles in the lowest level of assistance, which is ideal for long rides with friends or longer touring trips, especially in hilly areas where you’ll delight in cranking up the motor for steep climbsMay not be the living embodiment of hipsterdom, but nerd is a bit strong. Durable synthetic leather palm is light gel padded for maximum comfort without restricting grip. While we offer a full design service, it's great to have a starting point. Lightweight and extremely stretchy body and arm fabric has been engineered to effectively wick moisture, while mesh in the back and side panels ensures breathability and heat dissipation. Boast many years experience in building all types of wheels from wheels to super light weight and road wheels. Reserves the right to make changes to information contained on this at any time without notice, including with respect to prices, specifications, equipment, models, colors, and materials. Smart and simple bike accessory is compatible with all racks and can be flattened for storage thanks to its nifty collapsible design. This is a model so it does not have a power throttle, only pedal assist you are still going to have to put in some effort to get up those hills.

A bike that emphasises gravityfuelled fun at the expense of crosscountry pace, the is nevertheless well worth a look if you’re not bothered about getting to the top of every climb as fast as possible. Are feminine and plain, good for summer, and love the colorsramblersway shopwomenswomensssbiasvneckWool, the timeless friend of the cyclist.

With the speeds at your disposal, it is up to you to decide how fast you would like to ride this bike. Tailoring, it’s called the reveal and in fact, it’s very much a reflection of. Does not mean that you have to fold down the bike, that is not necessary, just put on the kick stand and your bike will be there waiting for you. Us as your riding buddy who wants to help you get the most out of you and your bike. The place where wild ideas are brought into the real world.

Stylish and reasonably priced against similar items from other companies. Shaped multiuse hybrid bike has everything you need to help you along your journey of being the fitter, better you. Only giveaways are the slightly bigger rear wheel hub housing the w ebikemotion motor and the little light on the top tube which tells you how much charge the battery is holding. Value for money, extra lens’ can be carried in your saddlebag to swap out as needed depending on the light conditions. Useful for getting home after the postride pub pitstop turns into something longer. Having plenty of pairs of cheaper shorts is a big advantage for commuting. Like all hard tails, the is designed here in the for the climate, offering maximum tyre clearance for muddy conditions.