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Naturally you usually aren’t going to go cycling with everything except the kitchen sink but there are times you need a few tools or maybe a change of clothes. Here you can find our information about the.

Primal Bike Jersey

Hipowered head torch that's great on or off the bike, with a lightweight body and secure headband it's ideal for cycling and running as well as an emergency torch. This the slim fit and compression design and the shorts fit tiger tight. Fabrics are dyed into some great colours for this season and look particularly good in the. Aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our will take effect once you reload the page. Most of the history of bicycles' popularity women have worn long skirts, and the lower frame accommodated these better than the toptube. Mesh sections make this lightweight offering unbelievably cool even when you are absolutely smashing it along on a summer's day. Here for more information or order it directly in our shop or on.

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Waterproof Bike Clothes

I’m a big believer of not storing your hand pump in your jersey pockets to avoid them hurting your back should you fall. Longsleeve shirt comes in a playful bike print fabric with a ic forward point collar. Your cart to change product quantities, apply deal codes, or checkout. Wearing appropriate motorcycle gear will not only help keep you alive, but it also enhances the experience of riding. Will shortly send an to mail, so that you can confirm your newsletter subscriptionHow do you what the correct stem length for you and your bike is.

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Cycling Clothing Outlet

The straps are made from a thinner mesh and they have all the features you’d expect from high end shorts; flatlock stitching to stop chafing, thin silicone grippers to prevent the legs from riding up, and an anatomic pad from. A fourth zipped valuables pocket on the right side and a large blue reflective logo on the central pocket, as well as another on the back of the collar.

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Specialized Stumpjumper

Longevity of this product is sometimes affected by our maintenance practices or lack thereof; nonetheless, any product you decide to purchase must be strong enough to withstand regular usage. Log in or registerRegister your for news and special offersFind us on mapCustomer ServiceFilterof £££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££££Save ££Save ££££££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save ££Save £of the first to find out about great new products and promotionsUpdated from, the range includes a shortsleeved jersey, longsleeved jersey, bib shorts, cotton cap, socks, gloves and arm warmers, as well as a shortsleeved kids jersey for the budding. Products stand out for hightech materials, super racecut and a reasonableconvinced priceperformance relationship. Watched the industry spin away from the simple pleasures of riding a bike toward a techmongering gear obsession.

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